Meet Hob!

     This is Hob The Liaison, a concierge robot, and official mascot of HobNob, Inc. Hob and his merry band of misfits have come to Earth to bring back forgotten virtues in human society. Virtues like, truth, justice, faith, mercy, humility, commitment, responsibility, charity, and love, have seemingly fallen to the wayside in modern times. It seems that people have given up striving for virtuousness. They have replaced it with a drive to consume excessively, to spread contemptuous outrage and slander about one another, and to accumulate material things. 

     Hob's no snob, he simply sees the potential in humanity for greatness. He has spent his time on Earth hobnobbing with those of society who uphold the most important virtues that have shaped humanity's proudest characteristics.


     Most importantly Hob and his friends seek to bring back the true nature and value of the Family unit. Family shapes individuals. Strengthening family values first, truly helps to bolster the values of the individual, and thus society becomes better as a whole!

These are Hob and his team's current projects to make the world a better place:

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