Let's Go Hobnobbin'!

     Follow the adventures of Hob and his band of merry misfits, aboard the "S.S. Hobnobbin" as they travel through time and space to hobnob with people throughout history, learning valuable educational and life lessons. 

     "Let's Go Hobnobbin'," is a children's educational book series for children aged 5-12. Each book in the series teaches a real lesson from an academic subject, while also teaching children about virtues. 

     We believe that if you start young, you can mold a child into a person that is truly a cut above the rest. We all want the best for our children. We believe it starts with building a strong understanding and application of telling the truth and upholding virtue. 

     Currently, our book series is available for purchase in the marketplace on our social platform, Hobnobbin'. Download the app, sign up, and head to the books department in "NobShop" to find the series. 

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