Our new app, endearingly titled "Hobnobbin'," is a new, and evolving social media platform intended to be “a cut above the rest”. It’s a classier way to interact with your peers and associates, curated by our very own robot concierge, Hob!


     Our product not only allows you to interact with your peers and loved ones, we have also integrated several unique features not offered by any other platform of this kind, like counseling and tutoring for kids and adults: Hob Help; an online store: Nob Shop, and a knowledge center: Nob Knowledge.

     When you join, you will be guided to use our app depending on your age. Adults will have full access to the app and all of its features. Parents of children under the age of 14 will be notified that their child has signed up, and from there the parents are given control, transparency, and peace of mind. 

    Kids get to create their own groups and invite their friends to join.  Kids groups have controls and monitoring to keep them safe and to keep parents informed.  Parents get to control what their kids can and can not do inside the application by making selections when they sign them up.  Instead of scrolling random posts from people you may or may not know on topics that could be healthy or unhealthy for kids, kid’s groups are kid safe!

     Adults can create their own groups based on their personal interests or scroll and join an existing group. HobNob for adults is similar to many of the social media platforms we know and use today. The most important difference is that you get to choose how you socialize all while avoiding the random content of other social media platforms.


Come check us out and you will be Hobnobbin’ with us in no time!


“We want parents to have peace of mind when allowing their kids to interact on social media. We want to keep the kids safe from malicious or predatory behaviors, cyber-bullying, adult content and misinformation.  Parents no longer have to turn a blind eye to the volatile atmosphere of modern social media platforms as we are providing them a safe place for their kids – truly a cut above the rest.”

– Dr. Terry Wharton

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